About Us

Lola Alba is a vintage clothing and accessories brand inspired by modern trends, selected and curated into themes or edits each season.

We started Lola Alba Vintage over 10 years ago, selling on and off various online platforms and in 2019 we decided to launch our own website.

Our love and passion for vintage clothing is set in the history of each item, its origins, colour, texture and who originally designed and purchased it. 

We love the feel and the quality of vintage fabrics and trims as well as the details and make.

We love finding special one off pieces - because that's what vintage is - one of a kind.

For us the love of it is also in the treasure hunting, hand picking and rummaging - getting our hands dirty finding and sourcing one off pieces especially for you.

We think that wounded clothing deserves a second chance so we repair and give some pieces that little bit extra TLC.

We believe the world can and should be a better place - whether it be ethically, diversely or ecologically.

We are working towards using diverse models - be it through size or colour representation and it is a continual work in progress. Many of our influences are strong women of colour and women of all sizes.

We try to select a diverse size range of clothes, However, sadly generally sizes over 18 and under a 6 are rare to come by - we always keep our eyes peeled for these.

We currently specialise in women's clothing and accessories but we have big ideas for the future for expanding our offer - so watch this space...